Convincing marketing materials.
Crystal clear instructions.
Software that makes sense.

Give yourself the advantage of Japanese to English localisation
that makes your products and services easy to understand, buy and use.

Convince your target market, in their own words

Putting a product or service on sale in English-speaking countries isn’t enough for a successful launch. Your new market needs to understand what it is, why they need it, how to get it and use it.

Potential customers read between the lines, evaluating your offer but also deciding if they trust you based on how you communicate. Everything from your web copy to your user manuals speaks for you.

How can you persuade them? Content that reads like a translation only works if you’re going for laughs. If that’s not your strategy, you need natural, engaging language that meets your customers on their own terms.

Go direct to simplify your Japanese to English localisation.

Optimise your processes with linguistic and technical support.

Invest in a partnership that gives you results and peace of mind.

“Arline makes my job easy – 

I can rely on her to go the extra mile to ensure that her translation is accurate and reflective of the writer’s style. Her work always reaches us on time and she is scrupulous about checking facts and details. In the past we have called on her to help with the coordination of our translation team, a role she has handled with her customary aptitude, liaising with the team and monitoring their work in her professional yet personable way. She has also written several English manuals for our education website and these clear and concise materials continue to be the main reference point for the teachers who use our site. Her experience and consistency are evident in all aspects of her work.”

Anna Davies-Mehta

Translations/Japan-UK LIVE! Coordinator, Japan Society of the UK

Arline is truly a professional, committed to the job.

Her years of experience working closely with the biggest names in the industry have honed her translation skills and editing instincts. She always knows what the client wants to say and more importantly, how to say it. She is also meticulous with terminology and style, ensuring that the finished product is accurate, consistent, and error-free.”

Hiro Nakajima

Project Manager, INTAC Co., Ltd.

Arline Lyons is an exceptional translator.

She has proven time and time again that she can produce accurate and creative localisations within whichever type of project she works on. Her analytical and leadership skills are also highly developed and she makes continuous efforts to streamline her own working procedure as well as that of those around her. In addition to her technical expertise, she is a joy to work with. Unfailingly pleasant and cooperative, happy to work independently or as part of a team, and always willing to alert her teammates about potential issues that could compromise the smooth running of a project. All this and more means that her work contributes greatly to the high standards we expect in our products.”

Martina Zimmerman

Financial Controller (Germany), Allegis Group (agency for in-house position at Nintendo of Europe)

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Arline Lyons

Arline Lyons

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