Common problems in Japanese to English translation

Mind the gap

Japanese sounds do not map perfectly onto English ones, which is no real surprise with two such different languages. This can lead to problems when Japanese words are rendered in English – especially personal and place names. The risk of sounds shifting is compounded when the word came from another language in the first place […]


Hello and goodbye

Why is text missing from the top and bottom of my document? If you’re having a letter, cover letter or other piece of correspondence being sent from one person directly to another, you may find that some text is missing from the very top and bottom. Japanese letters follow a set formula, opening with a […]


All about titles

Why do all the titles in my translation have “about” in them? If you’re taking the word “about” out of all the titles in your Japanese to English translation, they do come from somewhere. Japanese has a convention of identifying headings using a set phrase which equates to “about”, whereas in English titles are normally […]