Services tailored to your specific situation

Discuss your requirements and challenges and formulate a plan of action

Translation & Localisation

Analyse content to be translated

Project planning and scheduling

Japanese to English translation

Support & consultancy

Identify and resolve potential localisation issues (restructuring databases, taking carcinogenic ingredients out of recipes, turning biotips back into biochips, and other things you haven’t even thought of)

Review & consolidation

Rewrite existing content

Review for consistency/accuracy

Create style guides & glossaries

The result: clear, effective English that convinces your market, sells your product and supports your users

Example document types

Medical devices

  • Biological analyser manual
  • AED operator and training manuals


  • MSDS
  • Chemical Safe Handling and Usage Guidelines
  • Emergency response training reports

Pharmacuetical/Food audit

  • GMP audit reports
  • Food safety inspection reports
  • Sustainable materials surveys


  • Case studies (medical and technical)
  • Presentations and reports
  • Official documents (e.g. Koseki family register, equivalent to birth/marriage/divorce/death certificate)

Example services


  • Japanese to English translation
  • Adaptation of Japanese material for English-speaking audiences

Quality assurance

  • Checking translated text against the original material
  • Quality assessment
  • Creation of style guides


  • Rewriting text by non-native speakers of English
  • Editing of translated and original material

Project management and support

  • Analysis of material for translation
  • Project planning
  • Process optimisation