Translation as an investment

Why volume discounts don’t apply to translation

The idea of volume discounts works for manufacturing. You design a widget and build a widget-maker for a million euro. Raw materials cost 10 cents per widget. If you make a million widgets, the cost of manufacturing is one euro and ten cents each. If you make two million widgets, the cost of manufacturing falls […]


Does it realy matter?

So what if there are some spelling mistakes on your site, or your brochure reads like a translation? People are here to buy products and services, not act as judges for an English competition. But they judge anyway. How do you decide whether to trust someone you’ve never met before? You listen to what they have […]


The true cost of low prices

That’s a quote from the president of ATA at the Interpret America conference, and it struck a chord with me. It encapsulates something that I’ve been trying to tease out recently when it comes to how much to pay for translation. It sounds like a ridiculously simple question, but what is the relationship between quality […]